The purpose of this page is to provide you with answers to questions that I have been receiving over the years.

I am interested in doing research in your area (Scientific Initiation, Master’s or Doctorate). Can we talk?
Sure, and thanks for your interest. Please send a message through this form so that we can schedule a meeting.

How do I know if the MSc program is a good choice for me?
If you are a curious person, motivated by what you do, and willing to learn more about topics related to Computing, the MSc is a good choice.

The Master is a 2-year program. If you are a Unicamp student, you can start your MSc degree already during your undergrad, through the PIF Program. By going through PIF you can reduce your MSc time in one 1 year. For more details, talk to the staff of the graduate dean’s office.

The title of MSc can help to position yourself better in the market, or even provide you with the knowledge necessary for further studies towards a Ph.D.

The majority of graduate students in other countries abroad (e.g. USA)  are working in the industry. This is also advancing in Brazil with the arrival of laboratories from IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, etc.

Here you can learn more about the first positions occupied by my previous students.

How is the MSc program at IC-UNICAMP?
To obtain the MSc degree from IC-UNICAMP you need to take 5 classes, and to prepare and defend a dissertation. Classes are typically taken as follows: 3 in the first semester and two in the second semester of the first year. In the second year of the program, research activities are carried out in order to study and solve a research problem.

How is the Ph.D program at IC-UNICAMP?
To obtain the Ph.D. degree from IC-UNICAMP, you need to take 24-course credits (~8 courses), in the first two years of the program and to prepare and defend a Thesis.

How do I request a letter of recommendation?
Recommendation letters are effective evaluation mechanisms when the person providing them knows well the person requesting.

Therefore, I provide recommendation letters to students who: (a) worked with me on Scientific Initiation, MSc’s or Ph.D. programs; (b) took at least two courses with me, during which we had some conversations about projects, course material or computing topics; or (c) discussed technical issues in reasonable depth.

If your case does not fit into any of those above, it is unlikely that my letter will provide the evaluator with enough information about the quality of your work.